Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Shopping

I know, I know,  three posts in three days..... can you say obsessed?!  I find myself working on school stuff and blog stalking ALL day!  I just can't help but share some things I recently bought.  I've seen some Summer Finds linky parties going around but now I can't find any that are still open, so oh well, I want to share anyway!

I went to Michaels last night, wanting to pick up ONE item and of course I came home with two bags full!  Isn't that how it always goes!?  Look at all the goodies I got!

Some of the stuff was really cheap, too!  AND teachers get 15% off!  Did you know that?  I'm sure you all did!  Here's some close ups of the items and what I intend to use them for!

Border...duh! I have a lot of green in my room!

Book displays for our classroom library!

Maybe to print my Meet the Teacher letter on?

For the 100th day of school... only $1!

A crown to wear during guided reading groups so other
students don't bug interrupt me and our group!

Foam stick-on letters!  Love!  I've already been going crazy with these!

Frames for students to decorate on the first day of school!

Glow bracelets!  Maybe for Valentine's Day again (Pinterest idea) or
something else.  Not sure yet, there are 15 in each tube, $1 each!

Ribbon, for anything!

My first glue gun! I know that's probably a teacher
sin that I don't already have one!

Cute chalkboard - to leave notes or where our
class is when not in the room, I don't know yet!

How freaking ADORABLE are these?  Hopefully these
signs will inspire my students to imagine, dream, and create!

I can't really get into my classroom yet because my room is getting new carpet (yay!), but I'm really excited to get back in there and start putting my room together!  I'll probably regret saying that though when school starts and I'm begging for it to be Summer again!  I better start really enjoying Summer!


  1. Hi, Cyndi! Thanks for the words of encouragement and a great resource for beginning bloggers! Best of luck to you, as well, as we begin this crazy-exciting chapter in our lives!

  2. Hi Lacy,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your finds! I am definitely stealing, I mean borrowing a couple of the tiara and the book holders. What great ideas! I am now following your blog.
    Have a great day.

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks for visiting my blog too! My name's Cyndi, btw, not Lacy... but I know my blog title can be confusing! No big deal! I'm glad you found some inspiration! The tiara was an idea I found on Pinterest!


  3. Wow you found some really cute stuff. I'm going to have to add Michael's to my list of places to go shopping this week. If you would still like to link up to a shopping linky party there are two that I know of. Fun in room 4B has one on Fridays. The Learning Tree has one that you can link to called Frugal Finds. I hope that helps. I'm looking forward to some more great posts.
    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

    1. Thanks for stopping by Stacy! I love Michaels, although I find them to be more expensive than other stores. But when I went the other day, I found a lot of great deals! Good luck shopping! And thanks for the names of some shopping linky parties!


  4. Hey Cyndi! I have been looking for a cute tiara like that too! So glad you shared! I saw that idea on pinterest...gotta love it! Are you going up to work this week? I am hoping to...we will see! Stop by my room if you are there! :)

    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log

    1. Hey Brigid! Yeah I definitely got that tiara idea from Pinterest! I'm going to try to go up to school but it'll have to be when the hubs can take me :( Are you already working on your room?

  5. Great find Lacy! Just followed your blog! I'm excited to get looking through your posts!

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)