Thursday, August 28, 2014

Curriculum Night

We had our Curriculum Night this week.  It's a time for our teachers to give parents information for our class and the basic curriculum we'll cover.  I like to share with parents what a typical day looks like in Kindergarten, and usually prepare a Powerpoint presentation.

I of course make a teacher wish list for parents who feel like donating items to our classroom.  Our parent community is very generous, and always willing to provide needed items.

This year I created a popcorn themed display for my wish list.

I think it came out really cute.  I also went ahead and did the popcorn parent treat as well to go with the theme.

Under the popcorn is a file I prepare for each family with handouts like our sight words, how we teach letter formation, class lists, schedule, etc.

I have added my Popcorn Themed Teacher Wish List Display to my TpT store.  Go check it out!



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Survived the First Day!

Props to you if you are a blogger and have blogged during the first few weeks back at school!  This was our sixth day of school, and I am beat and have no time to blog.

But I need to.

And I need to share my classroom photos but I'm waiting to hang a few things up and have a photo ready room first. :)  Until then, how about I share about our first day of Kindergarten?

This is only my second year teaching Kindergarten.  I guess I blocked out the first few weeks of last year, because boy, are they itty bitty, and super wiggly.  I seem to forget that.  You are welcome first grade teachers for training these youngin's before we send them off to you.

After reading First Day Jitters, my kiddos completed their first day page by showing how they felt when they came to school and then how they felt as our first day was ending.  You can find this First Day Emotions activity in my TpT store.

We colored and made our first day of Kindergarten crowns.  They were freebies from My Heart Belongs to Kindergarten.

And here's their cute gift for surviving enjoying their first day of school!

This is a teammate and I after surviving our first day!