Thursday, July 26, 2012

Award & Classroom Photos

Thanks to Abby at Mrs. Saunders' Lovelies, I received ANOTHER award... the One Lovely Blog Award!  Thank you Abby!

I'm going to try to live up to my award and spruce up my blog!  There's so many adorable blogs out there.  I don't know yet if I want to cave in and buy a blog design, so we'll just have to see!  I so much appreciate my blog being recognized anyway!! :)

OK, the rules:

1. Follow the person who gave you the award
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3. Pass the award on to 5 new bloggers

Passing on awards gets harder and harder.... of course, there's a bazillion wonderful blogs out there, but they're so wonderful that the've already received the award!!  I'm going to try my best to give this award to blogs who haven't received it yet, here we go.....

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I love seeing bloggers post pictures of their classroom and couldn't wait to finally get in my room and start organizing.  So today I FINALLY went up to school and worked on my classroom.  I was there for three hours and it felt like 20 minutes.  Where does the time go!?  I could have easily spent another three hours there!  My goal for today was to get some bulletin boards done in my room and start organizing my book baskets and reading area.  I didn't get to the reading area or book baskets.  But I did finish my bulletin board backgrounds, except for one in my room and one in the hallway.

Of course after repeatedly telling myself not to forget my camera when I left for school, what do I do?.....forget my camera!!  So I took some pictures of my classroom with my phone.  The lights were off and the shades were shut so the pictures didn't come out amazing, but oh well!

In the pictures, you'll see that I don't really a have a theme like some teachers, but I have a color scheme... and it's blue and green.  I really like how it's coming together!  Don't mind the disaster of a mess in my room.  Since I'm switching grades, I have first grade materials/boxes AND second grade materials/boxes just hanging out all over the place!

I was standing in the doorway to my classroom when I took this picture.  So to the right is the "front" of my classroom.

Here's two bulletin boards I made today.  Notice the new border?  I got it at Michaels and wrote about it in one of my posts.  I think the bulletin board on the right will be for Writer's Workshop, and I'm not sure yet about the left one. 

This is basically the center of my room where my student tables will be.  Everything's a mess from when they moved everything to clean my room.  I do have a full wall of windows which is nice though!

This is the "back" of my room.  My reading area will be on the right.  My teacher desk/reading table is on the left.

This will be my Reader's Workshop bulletin board.

This is actually a white board that I covered so I can use it for our Math/calendar bulletin board.

There's my table and all my stuff and more stacked up on shelves.

Here's a better picture of the "front" of my room.  I still have to fix the small bulletin board on the left side.  By the way, I HATE the hexagon student tables.  Since I was an added section last year, I got stuck with them!

So there you have it.... my room so far!  I can't wait to get back in there and do some real decorating and organizing!  And I always get inspired by seeing other classrooms!  I'll keep you all posted on how mine's coming along!


  1. I do the bulletin boards first too. When the room is pretty, it's easier to work on cleaning off shelves. Also, I am getting hexagon tables for the first time this year. I am NOT looking forward to it. Less possibilities for arranging kids. Good luck with "Day 2."


  2. Great pics! You should definitely link up to my linky giveaway that deals with Before and After shots of our classrooms.

  3. I just found you through another blog. Come visit us sometime. Your newest follower, Stephanie