Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm moving to Kindergarten & Free Letter Cards!

Yep.  Kindergarten.  If you've been reading my blog, you know that I've taught a few years of first grade, am currently teaching second grade, and now I will be teaching Kindergarten next year.  That's what happens when you have a large group of students in one specific grade, and you are the last teacher hired at your school.  You move around.  But, don't get me wrong.  I am grateful to have a job. And I am excited to see what Kindergarten has in store for me!

Being the planner that I am, I have been Pinning and researching since the day I was officially asked told I was moving.  Actually, I knew it was coming, so I was preparing even before that.  I've found some great ideas already and I started a new board on Pinterest.  Check it out here if interested!

When I taught first grade at my last district, we started using a Phonemic Awareness book by Michael Heggerty named the "Yellow Book."  Last year, when I taught first grade in my current district, we purchased the "Yellow Book" to use the following year (this year), and then I later found out I was teaching second grade.  So, I didn't get to use it this year.  But we are now going to use the "Blue Book" for Kindergarten next year.  I really like it.  I'm especially looking forward to using it as it will be my first year in Kindergarten.

For part of the daily lessons, you need letter cards.  So I whipped some up last weekend, and thought I'd share!  Even if you don't use the Phonemic Awareness curriculum, there are so many things you can use the letter cards for.  Enjoy!  If you grab a copy, I'd love to hear what you'll use them for!

Uppercase Alphabet  - black with red vowels
Lowercase Alphabet - black with red vowels 
Lowercase Alphabet - blue with red vowels 
Uppercase Alphabet - all black
Uppercase Alphabet - black with red vowels
Lowercase Alphabet - all black
Lowercase Alphabet - black with red vowels
I plan on making more, so check back soon! I'm not completely satisfied with those lowercase a's!


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