Tuesday, May 21, 2013

End of Year Gifts

Yep.  The end of the year.  I have one. more. day.  With students anyway.  Then I go back Thursday as a work day, to finish packing up my room to move to a Kindergarten room for next year.  This year has been HARD.  I've had a lot of challenges and I've been able to learn from them all, but I am more than thrilled for this school year to end and to begin my summer!

I want to share my end of the year gift that I made for my two room moms.  I've seen some variations of it on Pinterest.  Here's my version.

I bought the cups for a few dollars at Walmart, made the tags, and included a gift card to Starbucks.  I also had all of my students sign the gift card.

Click here if you are interested in the 'Thanks a latte'" tag.

 I also have end of the year gifts for my students, that I will be giving to them tomorrow.

I bought the bubble sticks from Walmart and made the tags.

Interested in the 'You blew me away' tags?  Click here.

Enjoy your last few days (or weeks) of school!

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  1. C for Clever
    C for Cyndi

    Thanks for sharing the cute gift ideas and tags.