Monday, April 8, 2013

Best Party Punch Ever & "brownies"

First off, I saw this funny April Fool's joke on Pinterest and just HAD to try it with my kiddos last week.

Of course I forgot my brownie pan, but I made do with a paper plate and paper towels to cover it.  We have a snack time, so when we came back into our class for snack, I told my kids that I brought a snack for them... brownies!  They were excited, until I started passing them out.  I kept saying, "Mmm, brownies" and "See, these are brownies."  It took some of them a few minutes to get that they were brown e's and understand the joke.  It was cute.  I let them take the brown e's home to try out on a family member.

I also wanted to share a quick punch recipe.  I'm really not a punch drinker but I found this recipe on Pinterest and have LOVED it ever since.  The first time I made it, I didn't have some of the ingredients (like pineapple juice), so I substituted something here and there and like the way I make it.  I also halved the recipe because the original recipe makes two large pitchers/punch bowls and I usually don't need that much.  Check out the picture below for the recipe that I use.


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