Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Questioning Strategy & Bookmarks

Last week we began our Questioning reading strategy.  I use the Reader's Workshop model in my classroom and study the seven comprehension strategies.  For one of our earlier lessons, I used the book It's Mine by Leo Lionni for sharing questions before, during, and after our reading.  On the first day, I showed my students the cover of the book and had them share any questions about it.  Some questions were, "Is it funny?" "Is is about frogs?" and "Are the frogs friends?"  I recorded their questions on post-its and wrote their name on them to give my students ownership.

The next day, I read the book to my students.  Every couple of pages, I stopped and recorded more student questions.  Once again, I put these on post-its and stuck them to our anchor chart.  Some questions were, "What does quarrel mean?" "Why did the island get smaller?" and "Why are the frogs yelling?"

On the third day, we came back to the book and discussed how sometimes we still have questions about the book when we are finished reading.  I recorded student questions and put them on the anchor chart.

We are now working on another anchor chart with a different book.

As I was going through my file on Questioning, I found some good stuff that I haven't really used.  I was also randomly thinking about how my students are LOVING their chapter books and don't have enough bookmarks to hold the spots in the multiple books they are reading.  So I made bookmarks to go with our Questioning unit.  Check them out... and grab yourself a free copy if you think you can use them.

Get a copy!



  1. Thank you so much! These bookmarks are an AWESOME idea!

  2. Great lesson! I am going to use some of your ideas next week with my first graders. Thanks for sharing!