Friday, February 1, 2013

Cheerios & Jell-O = Matter

My little second graders have been learning about Matter!  We have done a lot of fun things so far but I want to share some of my students' favorites.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and liked it so much, we made them in my class!  We watched a BrainPop Jr video on solids, liquids, and gases and talked about the atoms in each state of matter.  The following day, we made these posters with Cheerios!  I tell you... they LOVE any activity that involves food!

Another fun thing we did after learning about changing states of matter was make Jell-O!  First we talked about how to read and follow a recipe.  Then I split students into groups and gave them a numbered card 1-4.  Each number/student had a different job so they could all pitch in.

#1 poured the jell-o mix into the bowl

#2 poured the cup of water into the jell-o bowl

#3 stirred the jell-o and water

#4 poured the jell-o into cups (with my help)

We ate the jell-o for snack the next day!

Next??  We are braving a Glogster project to show what we've learned about the states of matter!


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