Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made It

Linking up with Fourth Grade Frolics today for Monday Made It.

#1 - Hallway Gallery
So we repainted our house almost a year ago.  While repainting, my hubby took down the picture frames that were in our hallway and I never got to putting them back up.  About three months ago I got one of our wedding photos enlarged and ready to hang in our hallway and never got around to it.  I finally made the time this weekend to put the frames back up in the hallway.  You may be able to see, some frames are empty so it's not completely finished, but I love having special pictures back in the hallway.

#2 - Laminating/Guided Reading Activities
CVC Word Practice
Beginning Sounds Practice
I have been working on a variety of different guided reading activities to begin at the beginning of the year with my students who will not be reading texts yet.  Last week I finally made it up to school to complete all the laminating.  After attending day 1 of our Lucy Calkins Homegrown Institute, I came home and cut out lamination all night.  Let me tell you, my fingers were cramping halfway through.  My hope is to include these activities in a set for TpT but need to get it all organized first.

#3 - I Have, Who Has (Beginning Sounds)
If you don't know about the game I have, Who Has you are missing out.  It's a fun game that gets students engaged and shows understanding of a concept usually already taught.  I just made a new IHWH for beginning sounds.  The cards are already in alphabetical order so I know my Kinders will have that extra help when we play.  It's in my TpT store in you're interested.

#4 - Student Mailboxes
So this student mailbox center was handed down to me.  Notice all the stuck on tape and stickiness on most of the cubbies.  It also had some contact paper stuck to the top of it that I finally peeled off.  I decided to try my chevron duct tape on it, and I think it turned out just fine!  It gives it a little freshness for this upcoming school year!

I was really hoping to get into my classroom this week to get a lot done, but we had an asbestos situation in our primary hallway and we are not allowed in.  Which means I'll only have next week to work until we officially go back the following week!  So instead, my plan is to work on EVERYTHING I can at home to be as prepared as possible.



  1. My hallway wall is BLANK! I need to change that. I like the picture arrangement you did. Love how the chevron duct tape turned out on the mailboxes!

    WILD About First Grade!

  2. Your duct tape project looks great! I have a few wooden units like your mailboxes that are just showing their age...looks like an easy fix! Thanks for sharing!
    Learning at the Teacher Table

  3. I love the gray paint color on your wall! Have been searching for the perfect gray forever!!!