Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Guess Who.... Curriculum Night!

So, Curriculum Night was last week and I'm just now getting around to uploading the pictures so I can share about what I did.  Luckily I was B O R E D this summer and I started my Curriculum Powerpoint in like June.  Seriously.  I switched grades this year, from first to second, so I wanted to get prepared early.  So I literally had my schedule and most of my Powerpoint ready.  Last year, my presentation disappeared into thin air 15 minutes before parents arrived.  Yeah.  Those things do happen..... to me.  I was careful to back up my stuff this year.  I thought that if my presentation didn't disappear this year then it would definitely be better than last year.  Hmm.  Well it didn't disappear, which was awesome.  But I did have a tough crowd that night.  I'll leave it at that.

I saw a couple different versions of this Guess Who activity on Pinterest and decided I had to do it!  Brigid at Brigid's Daily Lesson Log, who teaches at my building, did her own version of this activity as well.  We were hanging up our students' work in the hallway at the same time and couldn't believe that we had done the same thing.  Our classrooms are also right next to each other.

I had my students complete the Guess Who page and they turned out really well.  Of course, there were some students who took it super serious and did a fantastic job, and then there were others who spent five minutes drawing their face.  But overall, they looked really cute!  We backed them up with colored construction paper and I displayed them on our bulletin board in the hallway.

Here's the deal.  As parents arrived for Curriculum Night, I let them know that they needed to check the bulletin board to find their child's picture.  Each picture was labeled with a number so the parents just wrote the number on a post-it I had out on the tables.  It was fun to hear some of the parents question their choices.  Then when everyone was inside the classroom, I did my whole presentation.  At the end, I had the answers for the parents to check if they were right!  Success!

Be sure to also check out Brigid's post about her Guess Who activity!

And on a total side note.... my one year wedding anniversary is coming up!!  I'm SO EXCITED to celebrate with my hubby and cannot believe it's been a year already!  We're going to brave the year-old wedding cake!



  1. I love that!! And that's so cool that you and Brigid teach together - y'all both have awesome blogs!! Happy one year anniversary! The year-old wedding cake isn't actually that bad! :)

    Delightfully Dunn

  2. Fun activity. I bet you are happy it's over. Mine is next week :)