Saturday, September 8, 2012

First 20 Days of Reader's Workshop Update

I've been meaning to update my First 20 Days of Reader's Workshop post, and I just never did.  My plan was to include my actual lesson plans for each day.  I also noticed that I've had a lot of readers read my Reader's Workshop post so I wanted to be sure to update you all.  As I started the first 20 days in my classroom this year, I knew it was going to be a little different and I would have to be flexible.  You see, I am use to teaching first graders, and now I am in second grade.  My second graders seem to just get things a little easier and quicker.  They've also already heard some of this stuff from their teacher last year, which is great!  So I have had to rearrange some of my beginning of the year lessons.

You can see my previous post here.
This is how I rearranged it to fit my students' needs this year.

Day 1 - How to Gather on the Rug; Readers Read Every Day
Day 2 - What is Reader's Workshop; What Do Readers Read
Day 3 - How to Take Care of our Books; Introduce Classroom Library
Day 4 - How to Preview a Book
Day 5 - 3 Ways to Read a Book
Day 6 - Making Good Book Choices (Just Right books); How to Put Books Away
Day 7 - Why Readers Abandon Books
Day 8 - Book Boxes
Day 9 - Reading Rubric
Day 10 - Reading is Thinking
Day 11 - Talking and Sharing About Reading
Day 12 - How to be a Good Listener
Day 13 - How to Use Anchor Charts
Day 14 - Solving Unknown Words
Day 15 - Reading Spots
Day 16 - Buddy Reading

OK, I know that doesn't make exactly 20 days, but this is how it works for my kiddos and my classroom.  I had to break apart some days that had two lessons and combine some lessons into one day.  Through my researching and experience with Reader's Workshop, there are several more lesson ideas that you could incorporate into your first 20 days.  Here are some more ideas:

Fiction vs. Nonfiction
Book Recommendations
Small Group Expectations
Real vs. Fake Readers
Reader's Toolkit
How to Turn and Talk
Reader's Response Journals
Book Hospital
How to Change Books/Book Shopping

I still plan to incorporate some of these additional lessons into my Reader's Workshop, but we just aren't there yet.

We just finished my planned first 20 days, and I finished my Fountas & Pinnel Benchark Assessments with each student.  So next week, I will begin my Guided Reading Groups.  We are also moving on to an author study.  In the next few days, I will be posting the Anchor Charts we've created during our first 20 days, so be sure to check back.

And a random side note.... we celebrated my father-in-law's (still so weird to say that) birthday last night.  My contribution was cheesy hashbrowns and red velvet birthday cake!  My hubby's family LOVES red velvet cake and it's his dad's favorite.  Unfortunately that's about the only flavor cake I won't eat.  So no cake for me, but that's OK.  And the hashbrowns are always a hit... so yummy!


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  1. Your First 20 Days looks very similar to the First 20 Days we use (Jan Richardson... I think it's based off of Fountas & Pinnel but I doubt they'd admit it).

    Do you have a recipe for these cheesy hashbrowns??

    Miss R's Room