Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wedding Signs & A Surprise!

Today I helped a friend work her booth at the St. Louis Wedding Show!  She makes personalized gift table signs, plaques for your home, wedding party glasses and more!!  It was so fun to be there!  I got married last year and it brought all of these feelings back!  I even ask my husband from time to time if we can have another wedding because we had such a blast at ours!  Of course, he laughs at me as he thinks I'm crazy!  But it was so fun to walk around and see all of the wedding booths.  There were a lot of photographers, caterers, and hotels.  And all of the girls there were so cute because they were newly engaged and so excited about looking around!

Well, of course I'm biased but I thought my friend's booth was the best, because hers was so unique and personalized.

There's my friend Melanie by her booth!  I got to help her pass out her flyers and talk to brides.  She even personalized some of her bride and groom glasses on the spot!  If you look close, you can see my wedding sign at the bottom.  When she was first starting her business last year, she made my hubby and I a sign for our wedding.  We didn't see it until the day of our wedding.... I LOVED it!  We put it on gift table to spruce it up a bit and it was perfect!  Now we have it hanging up in the entryway of our home!

This is our sign!  Here it is on our gift table at our wedding!  Perfect, right?!

Well, I didn't mean for this post to be an advertisement but I wanted to share how much I enjoyed helping out my friend Melanie today.  And I'm super excited for her starting a small business!  She's a full-time teacher too!  She's a busy gal!  If you have time, check out her website at, you'll love all of her ideas!!  Here's some more photos of her designs.

And now for my surprise....... Did you know that Megan at I Teach. What's Your Superpower was having a blog design giveaway??  Well she was and I entered.  As I working with my friend at the Wedding Show, I stopped to check my email.  And guess what???  I had an email from Megan telling me that I WON!!!!!  YAY!!  So I will be working with Megan and she will be sprucing up my blog BIG TIME, because it definitely needs it!  Be sure to check back to see the final product!  Thanks Megan!!  Btw, if you are not following Megan's blog... you are missing out!!!


  1. Those wedding glasses are adorable!!!! Love that:)

    Come by and check out my new Clip Art blog!

    1...2...3...Teach With Me
    Dots of Fun! Clip Art

  2. I saw that you won the blog makeover!! Congratulations!!! I realy love your friend's signs. I'm going to have to look into those! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Thanks Lisa!! Definitely go check out my friend's website!


  3. Wow! Congratulations Cindi! You are very lucky to win that competition. Nice! Anyway, it’s very sweet of you to help your friend with her business. Her signs are very decent and classy, and they are indeed just for a perfect wedding. I bet you have gained so many customers in just a matter of days with those wonderful designs for your portfolio.

    Eve Desousa