Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meet the Teacher & Freebies

I. Am. Exhausted.  Today was my first "official" day back.  We had our convocation in the morning followed by work time in our classrooms.  Our Meet the Teacher event is tomorrow night!!  I'm sure most, probably all, of you have something similar to this so that you can see your new kiddos and they can meet you, sometimes for the first time!  Ours is tomorrow evening with a barbecue that follows it.

I finished up most of my classroom today, or at least finished the things I wanted done for families to see.  Of course I stashed a few boxes behind curtains!  But we also have work time in our rooms tomorrow so I can tidy up some more then.  Of course I forgot to take my camera again, but that's OK because I really want to save the pictures for my final classroom reveal.  I plan to link up to Brigid's Daily Lesson Log's Classroom Tour Linky when my room is completely finished!

I want to share the "paperwork" that I have prepared for Meet the Teacher night.  I've also included a few files as FREEBIES if you want to use something that I used!!

Meet the Teacher Letter

This is the Meet the Teacher letter I typed up.  It was inspired by Mrs. Carroll at The First Grade Parade.  I printed it out on cute paper (see the first picture) I bought at Michaels.  I didn't include a pdf of my Meet the Teacher letter because you don't want a letter with my name and personal details in it.  But feel free to enlarge the pic to check out what I wrote and change it for yourself!

Sweet Dreams Poem

Click here to download the Sweet Dreams Poem!
I got this idea from Sunny Days in Second Grade, but I'm not sure where the original idea came from.  I just found it yesterday and wanted to get it ready today so I used the paper scraps from hole punchers (is there a name for them?) as the "confetti" and I used little baggies I had leftover from a class party.

Welcome to Second Grade

I have this on student desks for them to complete when they come in.  It gives them something "fun" to do and also keeps me from having to say "Put your pencils over there" 18 times throughout the evening... in between talking to families!  I changed it up a bit so that maybe some of you can use it.  Click here to download a first grade or second grade version!

Transportation Form

This is the form I have set out for parents to fill out.  On my form, I have my students' names typed in.  I changed this form a bit also so that you can use it if you like it.  You can get the form here.  I included three different variations.  Look over all three carefully to see which one will work best for you!

Student Gift
Click here to go to First Grade Blue Skies and get your own copy!
I already shared this idea in a Monday Made It post.  It wasn't my original idea, I of course found it on Pinterest!  I used free labels from First Grade Blue Skies, go there to grab yourself a copy!

If you grab a copy of something from this post, I'd love to see you comment and hear what you think!!   Oh, and I've gotten several more followers in the last few days (must be from my new blog design) so I think I might have to start organizing a giveaway!?

OK, I think I seriously might be off to bed, I'm so tired!



  1. Wow...with all you did to prepare for Meet the Teacher, the parents must love you! Great job!

    One Teacher's Take

  2. Thanks for the shout out! They look great!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. I just came across your blog and love the transportation paper. I was wondering if you had a file that could be edited? I would love to use this at open house but would like to type my kids names in there and add an option for pick up? Thanks!

  4. HI Lacy,
    Any chance I can get the transportation list not in a pdf so I can make changes for my school, we don't have daycare...and I need to add walkers....and instead of bus number I need it to say bus stop. my email is