Thursday, July 18, 2013

Recent Fun Finds

I have been starting my back to school shopping and have found some great things for this upcoming school year.  I wanted to share some of those finds with you!

Composition Books
I bought these last year also for 50 cents.  Can't beat that.  This year I'll be teaching Kindergarten so I'm still thinking of ways to use them.  I know I want to cut them in half but that's about it for now.

Gift Goodies
I bought some school supplies at the Dollar Store and WalMart for a gifts I'm creating.

I got these bubble packs for one dollar a pack at the Dollar Store.  I'm using them as a back to school student gift that I'll blog about later.  I guess I forgot to take a picture.

Crazy Straws
These were also just a dollar a set at the Dollar Store.  These will be used as birthday gifts for my students.  I'll blog the finished project another day.

Paint Sticks
I went to the local Sherwin Williams store and politely asked if I could have around 35 paint sticks.  The man gave me a bag full!  I'll be using these as library sticks since my Kinders won't be able to read (gasp!) and therefore won't be able to put their books back where they belong.

I'm looking forward to linking up some projects on Tara's next Monday Made It!


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  1. Cyndi,
    Your comp. books reminded me that I saw primary composition books at my favorite store, The Dollar Tree. These are the kind with a blank top half for illustrations and a lined bottom half. We ask for our 2ndies to bring one regular comp. book and one primary. However, our local Walmarts can't seem to get with the program and stock them. I was so glad to find them at the $ Tree.