Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Word Wall Card Sets & Freebie

I think Word Walls are such a great resource for students.  I have to admit though, I did not have a Word Wall in my second grade class this year.  I have always had them in my first grade classes though, and I have really been thinking about how I want mine to look next year in Kindergarten.  Yes.  Kindergarten.  I posted about my move to Kindergarten in an earlier post.  I am both scared and excited.

I was inspired by this cute word wall on Pinterest.
So I began a few word wall templates.  I have not used them yet, as I created them this summer, so I'm hoping they are a good useable size and go with my colors next year.  In honor of my 1 Year Blogiversary Giveaway, I am giving everyone this Word Wall Card set as a FREEBIE!  Just download them here.

Set 1
Then I played a little more and changed some things to come up with these sets.

Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5

AND I am also giving some lucky people their choice of any of the sets I created and included in this post.  So the first three people to comment on this post will get their choice of word wall sets!  Be sure to tell me which set you prefer and include your email.

Remember that my Blogiversary Giveaway is going until June 17th.  Winners will be announced June 18th.  If you haven't yet, go check it out here on yesterday's post.  I had some wonderful blogger friends donate!



  1. Congratulations! I am your newest follower. I love set darn cute.

    1. Hi Michelle! I'm so glad you found my blog and are my newest follower! I will send set 4 to you right now!


  2. I like Set 3!